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    34 Halloween Costumes Made From A Cardboard Box

    Got a box? Than you've (almost) got a costume!

    Made from a water heater box. So clever.

    Easily made from a medium-sized cardboard box.

    Awesomely detailed instructions for this Box of Wine - just click!

    Box with round craft boxes glued on.

    Just dots on square boxes.

    Painted box with plastic platter glued to the front, blue plastic "water" and bottle cap knobs. The boxers on the head are the perfect finishing touch.

    Box, ribbons, paint, jester can make that, too, click for instructions.

    No instructions for this one, but click it to see the original and figure it out (and there's cute John Deere and Noah's Ark costumes, too).

    A box, a lampshade and two pair of tights. Adorable. Click for instructions.

    No instructions....just a box, butcher paper and some bubble-wrap.

    No instructions given, but easy to see what was done. Cute!

    Box, tape, glue, paint, some printed artwork (wheels, etc.). Great!

    No directions for this one, but easy to see what was done and do it yourself! Fun!

    Great directions to make Thomas - click to see.

    Box, plumbing tube, colored foam paper, aluminum foil...super cute!

    Pizza box...and a lot of balls ;)

    Unfortunately no instructions given, but looks like cardboard boxes and tubes. Easy enough!

    Cardboard, paint and "Great Stuff" for the popcorn.

    No instructions, but you can figure it out, right?

    Cardboard, paint, aluminum foil, plastic wrap and away you go!

    Cardboard box, duct tape, bullnosed drywall cornerbead and some stickers.

    This is one you can buy, but I think you can make it easily with a box and some mylar or aluminum foil...

    This is another you can buy, but so easy to make! A box, some paint...

    Good instructions for this box o' pups...just click.

    This one is more for the photo op, but how funny! Click for instructions.

    A box and paint - you can accessorize with a purchased Wall-e arm...

    Instructions not clear for this one, but you can probably figure it out...

    No instructions given, and obviously quite a bit of work to do, but I think this one is hilarious! They even did the clear "plastic" thing that holds the doll in the box! (created by Sarah Pasley)

    A box, balloons, and quite a few other for good instructions.

    Is this not the saddest child in a Halloween costume ever? Anyone know who he is? I wanna hug him! (No instructions given, but easy to figure out.)

    Box, duct tape...kind of a 'retro' cell phone really...

    First I saw a Rubik's Cube costume made just from a box and paint (Google it), but then I saw this and it is SO much cooler. Great instructions, too.

    No instructions, but easy - a box, paint, cute socks.

    Another with no instructions, but just a box, paint and some tissue paper. Easy!