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17 Lyrics That Are So Cringey They Should've Been Cut Out Of The Song

"She’ll eat your heart, like Jeffrey Dahmer" ...ummmmm no thanks.

Jeffree Star Is Being Criticised After Savagely Dragging A Fan On Twitter

"To be humiliated in such a way doesn't feel good."

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Pete Davidson's Very TMI Interview About Ariana Grande

Warning: This post contains a graphic description of the events of 9/11, which some readers may find distressing.

Kendall Jenner Revealed The Reason For Her Success And Other Models Are Fucking Furious

"I was never one of those girls who would do, like, 30 shows a season or whatever the fuck those girls do."

13 Infuriating AF Pictures Of Movie Theatres That Deserve To Be Loudly Booed

The drinks you buy from a cinema should probably fit their cup holders.

15 Infuriating Photos Of Cafés That Are Honestly Just Unforgivable

I don't want to have to solve a maths equation to get the Wi-Fi password!

18 Moments In "America's Next Top Model" That Were Seriously Not Okay

It really wasn't "America's Next Top Best Friend".

21 Wild AF Things Actual People Have Believed About Sex

"I thought the penis just stayed inside the vagina. No thrusting or anything. I thought thrusting was just for the kinky."

21 Mansplaining At Work Stories That Mansplained So Fucking Hard

"A male colleague once spent 45 minutes explaining an Excel spreadsheet to me. A spreadsheet that I created."

18 People Who Failed To Understand How Food Works

Keep these people out of the kitchen at all costs.

28 People Who Really Didn't Understand How The Female Body Works

"I had a boyfriend who thought that, after giving birth, the vagina stayed that stretched out. Like, it was literally just baby-sized for the rest of your life."

My Weird Thought Of The Day Is How The Kardashians Always Sit On The Sofa With Their Shoes On

Kim standing on a sofa in heels is enough to give anybody anxiety.

Jay-Z Just Explained Why He Cheated On Beyoncé

He revealed that the infidelity was caused by him "shutting down" his emotions.

Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt's Baby Has Arrived And The Name Is Unusual

The name is unusual, but not as "flashy" as Spencer had hoped.

16 Utterly Creepy And Chilling Wikipedia Pages That Will Freak You Out

Don't read these if you ever want to sleep again. H/T: CreepyWikipedia

Chloë Grace Moretz Opens Up About Being Body-Shamed By A Male Costar

"He was like, 'I'd never date you in real life. You're too big for me.'"

281 Gross-As-Fuck Stories That Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

"A piece of shit the size of a golf ball launched right out and slammed onto his lower belly."

39 Gross Things Most Couples Do But Don't Talk About

The grosser you are, the deeper the love.

How Many Of These 15 Things Do You Think Are Cheating?

If they're texting someone else and then deleting the messages, are they cheating?

How Many Of These Foods Do You Eat With Ketchup?

How far does your love of ketchup go?

22 Products The World Never Asked For

No one asked for these things.

12 Of The Hardest Doughnut Questions Ever

Your doughnuts make me go-nuts.

You Need To See Mariah Carey Working Out In High Heels Tbh

What else are you meant to work out in, dahling?

Rob And Chyna Are Now Fighting In His Instagram Comments

The pair seem to have split acrimoniously and publicly over the weekend. But just when it seemed like the drama may have moved offline, they started fighting in Instagram comments.

24 Of The Worst Things Hipsters Did To Food In 2016

I'll take my coffee in a test tube and my dinner in a shoe, please.

Do You See Colour Like Everyone Else?

Put your eyes to the test.

How Many Of These Secretly Gross Things Have You Actually Done?

No one will actually know what you've chosen, you dirtbag.

The Internet Lost Its Mind Trying To "Save" A Teenage YouTube Star

There is no evidence that she has been kidnapped or is being coerced into making YouTube videos.

People Are Making Sushi Food Hybrids And It Is Bonkers

Sushi burgers were just the beginning.

Victoria Beckham Was The Only Spice Girl To Have Her Mic Turned Off At Live Shows

Mime it to the left if you're having a good time. Mime it to the right if you know that you feel fine.

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