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11 Stories That Prove Life Is Better After High School

"Turns out multiple-choice tests are not how everyone shows their success."

For a lot of us, high school can be a bit tough – sometimes the worst thing we've had to endure.

Fortunately, what happened in high school doesn't have to determine the rest of your life. In fact, lots of people who totally bombed high school – either socially or academically or both – even found their way into uni. Thanks to some of the awesome alternative entry programs and pathways available today, such as Western Sydney University's The College, not doing well at school doesn't have to stop you from going to uni.

Here are 11 people who struggled in high school and have gone on to create amazing careers and happy lives.

1. Penelope, art therapist and registered nurse

2. Ayla, copywriter and creative director

3. Laura, criminal defence lawyer

4. Natasha, marketing manager and owner of a swimwear label

5. Simon, general manager

6. Ilaria, associate professor

7. Kate, producer and director

8. Laura, marketer and events/fundraising coordinator

9. Olivia, photographer

10. Jenny, event manager and business owner

11. Brooke, creative content producer

Just because you didn't get the marks you needed to get straight into uni doesn't mean you don't belong there. The College at Western Sydney University can help guarantee you entry into your dream uni course so you can start building the career of your dreams today.

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