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10 Crazy Hobbies You Could Take Up If You Won The Lottery

Every eccentric multi-millionaire could use a few outlandish activities for when they're not counting their stacks and stacks of cash. We've rounded up a collection of crazy hobbies and offbeat interests that would perfectly suit a Washington State Lottery winner's schedule.

1. Sandboarding Down Active Volcanoes

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2. Or Extreme House Flipping

3. Try Backyard Surfing

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4. Then Start The Ultimate Toy Car Collection

5. Get Into Extreme Ironing

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6. And Painting Celebrity Portraits On Toast

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7. Master The Art of Hand-Fishing

8. Or Go Glacier Surfing In The Arctic

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9. Learn To Make Masterpieces In MS Paint

10. Or Fold Your Fortune Into A Masterwork of Money Origami