11 Dogs That Are Having A Great Day

All dogs have great days, but not all great days have dogs.

1. 1. This dog who just started to understand a really funny joke.

2. 2. This dog who teleported to the Alps and then played a prank on you.

3. 3. This dog being complimented on his fly bandana.

4. 4. This dog who is happy that you enjoyed the cookies she baked.

5. 5. This dog who is simply mahhhhhhhhvelous.

6. 6. This dog who is doing an impression of Link’s grandmother.

7. 7. This dog who just won first place in the costume contest.

8. 8. This dog who just bought himself a fancy estate.

9. 9. This dog who loves flowers so very much.

10. 10. This dog who is trying not to crack up at the fact that you just said “duty”.

11. 11. This dog who is a really great wingman.

12. These dogs are all having a great day. At least, a better day than this fox.

This fox has a heart as black as his nose.

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