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(Turkish Dreams)

poem by W. Schumann

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Aşk (Turkish Dreams)

In the fields of Anatolia

Home of Epictetus

I could feel the wind coming from the Aegean Sea

At the ruins of Pamukkale

a little ox-eye daisy strives

to enjoy the festival of life

The adhan is heard from the minarets

echoing in the mountains of Denizli

Summer nights, fluttering curtains

The drums of Ramadan at dawn

Her naked sacred body

whispering that ancient word

Aşk, Aşk, Aşk, Aşk

But what was bound to eternity

was moored with a single anchor

and drifted away

The ruins remain there,

with a stoical indifference

under the Hierapolian sun

Even today Epictetus’ words can be heard

whistling around.

W. Schumann

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