Worst Things That Can Happen In A Timed Essay

Everyone has had one. Tick tock, tick tock, write!

1. When your pencil breaks.

Especially when your on the verge of the best sentence ever.

2. When you ran out of time, so your closing paragraph was a bunch of scribbles.

It would have been better if you had time.. right?

3. When your mind goes blank.

Why can’t I remember a single thing to write the third paragraph about?

4. When you try to finish your sentence, but time is up.

Without the last two words, all it ends with is, “George Washington was a…” The suspense! The agony! The reader will never know!

5. When you look at the clock and half your time magically disappeared.

Where did it go? Where?

6. When you remember everything some figure did, every detail, but not his name.

Can I get away with calling him “Sir?” “Man?” “Ruler?”

7. When you turn in the paper and realize you completely mixed up time periods.

Write about the 1400s? Great. Okay, I got this…. Oh, the entire thing I wrote my essay about was in the 1500s? That’s just great.

8. Finally: You realize you forgot your name.

Even if it was a genius essay, no credit for you.

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