The Craziness Of Falling In Love

Whether its your first time or one-billionth time, love is love, and it is crazy.

1. Stage 1: You meet someone who is pretty cool.

2. Stage 2: You can’t stop thinking about them, no matter how hard you try or how badly you need to focus on something else.

3. Stage 3: You look to the Internet for advice.

4. Stage 4: You become obsessed with their eyes.

5. Stage 5: You feel like you are going to explode because you’ve been talking/hanging out for a while, and you still have no clue if its a friend thing or a romance thing.

6. Stage 6: You decide you love them, no matter what they feel. (Note: you may hop back and forth in between Stage 5 and Stage 6 about eight billion times.)

7. Stage 7: You start dropping some pretty obvious hints.

8. Stage 8: But you still label yourself as NOT A COUPLE, NO WAY! even if you really, really want to be.

9. Stage 9: You have the “first touch” and it blows your mind, even if it is a hand hold/ shoulder tap / finger brush.

10. Stage 10: No matter if this becomes something or not, you’re glad you had this feeling:

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