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A Night Out: Told By Peter Pan

Never grow up, never grow up!

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You should be working/studying/being a put-together person, but you decide...

You help your friends get ready and become slightly jealous at their new party clothes.

But you decide your outfit is pretty awesome, too.

You let yourself jam on the dance floor, but then remember you have awful moves, and you dart your head around to see if anyone noticed.

Some mean girls in the corner start dissing you (out of jealousy.)

You meet a slightly pompous, but completely adorable guy.

You try to talk to him, but out of nervousness your words become nonsense. Did he notice?

But you recover and manage to exchange names and interests with ease.

You become overjoyed and maybe rush things a bit.

You make a move, but another girl with her eyes on the same prize intervenes.


And you leave the party knowing you had a blast.

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