10 Things People Do During An Exam That Annoy You

Tests can be dreadful. People make them even worse.

1. The sniffler.

Get a tissue. Get one, now.

2. The Guy Who Swings His Pen.

You spin it. You drop it. You hit it against your desk.

3. The nail-biter.

Chomp. Chomp. Chomp.

4. The person who writes too fast.

YOU ARE PRESSURING ME! How do you have all those words flowing from your head?

5. The kid who tries to sneak snacks.

I see your food. I hear you eating. STOP.

6. The sneezer.

His nose goo is on your paper. Eww.

7. The person who asks ten million questions.

Is it okay is I write in cursive? Can I answer 5 in two sentences and not one? Is light blue ink considered blue?

8. The eye-darter.

Keep your eyes still. Not on the clock. Not on me. Not on our teacher.

9. The loud-writer.

You press your paper three inches into the paper. It makes the most awful noise ever.

10. The cougher.

Every two minutes, you hack so loudly that my head shakes.

11. Two words:

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