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5 Things That Will Make Your Home Feel Cooler This Summer

Is it hot as hell? Like, literally? Looking for ways to keep cool? Check out these easy and natural ways to help chill out yourself and your space.

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1. Keep your blinds and curtains shut.

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Okay, it's not as exciting as beer cooler air conditioning, but keeping your blinds shut can help keep your apartment much cooler, especially if your windows face west--that afternoon sun is a killer.

2. Use fans.

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Now stay with me. I know you know about fans. But did you know that there's more to life than just flipping on a tabletop or ceiling fan and wishing? There's running two fans to get a cross breeze. There's using an exhaust fan to suck out hot air. There's putting a big bowl of ice water or a wet cloth in front of a fan to make the air cooler. There's even handheld fans like your grandma used to use in church (and which actually work, by the way.)

3. Stop cooking (indoors).

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If you love to cook, or at least cook to survive, it's time to switch to salads, rotisserie chicken, or other things that don't require heat. If you just have to have that burger, cook it on the grill outside. And if you think you are about to turn on that oven and heat up the whole house, just say no. You can bake brownies this winter. For now, that's out.

4. Cool yourself.

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Get a caftan. Drink some water. Eat a popsicle. Lowering your own temperature will help you feel better. And if all else fails, I'm given to understand that a baby pool full of ice water with your feet inside makes a huge difference. Because I'm classy like that.

5. Hack your bed.

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For many of us, we can take the heat during the day, but at night it's likely to keep us awake. Look for cooling options like gel cooling pillow or mattress toppers, natural fiber sheets, and other products that will help your bed stay cool. Google "hot flashes"--those ladies know how to keep cool at night. And if you're one of those people (like me) who can't sleep with just a sheet? Learn to keep one foot outside the covers as much as possible. It will help you regulate your body temperature better.

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