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Durham Martial Artist Helps Local Children Build Self-Confidence And Strong Character

Martial Arts is a tool used to build confidence, discipline, respect, appreciation, focus, and much more! This is exactly what Luc Trudell of InnerActive Martial Arts sets out to do in his daily life. A teacher of a Martial Art called Nerkin Ouj, Luc delivers these life lessons throughout his programs. He has the opportunities and privilege, as he associates it, to teach in private schools, public schools, child care centers, community centers, and other such venues. In these programs, Luc focuses on three important aspects for a child to help develop and grow into a strong person with superb core values.: Physical development, Martial Art Technique, and Character Development.

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Physical Development:

Children are supposed to receive a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity per day! This is becoming more and more difficult to reach as our society shifts into new ways of living and conveniences. With this, we find there are more and more health issues such as obesity and other conditions. With Martial Arts, children work on appropriate physical activities to aid in proper physical development. Fun activities that allow the children to enjoy their exercise will help them want to continue participating on a regular basis. The physical aspect improves strength, flexibility, agility, balance, co-ordination and more!

Martial Art Technique:

The technique portion is a tool used to guide all of the development through a structured program which the kids can follow and track. The program itself allows for a goal-setting situation. Students work on earning their stripes and belts through learning the techniques. It is also very good for brain and mental development. Having to learn a set of patterns, combinations, or specific techniques requires the student to use their brain to see, absorb, and digest new information on a regular basis. The higher the ranking, the more difficult the techniques are, naturally. Therefore, the student is always putting their brain to the test!

Character Development

Arguably, one of the most important aspects of life. This is because it is our character that determines which path our life may take. Throughout one’s training as a Martial Artist, character building lessons are inscribed within. Constantly working on focus, Improving or extending attention span is not easy but is certainly a very important task. Through working on the techniques, Martial Artists utilize their focus to effectively learn as much as they can in a lesson. Self-discipline is another big one. Luc teaches the young ones that being able to be self-driven, self-motivated, and goal oriented will get them wherever they want to be in life. Respect is discussed, practiced, and emphasized within the programs as well to teach good moral and ethic. Luc believes that being able to respect others allows you the strength to respect yourself.

Whether you are looking for physical improvements, character guidance, or strict Martial Art technique, Luc of InnerActive Martial Arts is leading the way to a stronger, better, improved you!

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