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A Rap. An Animation. Not Your Average Year In Review.

Before we move on, before we pop champagne, can we get that recap, 2013?

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((( Lyric )))

Before we move on, before we pop champagne,

Can i get that recap, 2013

Twenty Thirteen started on a Tuesday

Year of the snake, my rhymes like venom get you woozy

Obama had his second inaugural

and completely unrelated, I think math is impossible.

Moving on to more important facts

we got our national celebrity -Grumpy Cat

a cat so grumpy and a cat so mean

kinda reminded me of Paula Dean

Scientist's 3D printing an Ear

I'm starting to look like Greg Kinnear

He won another Oscar, Daniel Day Lewis

I'm coming at you like Daniel Day Jewish

And The Walking Dead had record breaking viewers.

Miley Cyrus' tongue.

She kissed me and it touched my lung.

Gay marriage and weed made legal

Obey my Beagle.

kANYE and Kim had Sex

had a baby then they called North West

they say less is more , i say more is less

we laid Tommy Machine Gunn from Rocky to rest. he's dead.

We lost Tony Soprano

but he'll be always be with us

cuz we got On Demand yo.

The red sox, black hawks, the ravens and the Heat

they all won big games

The mayor of Toronto

smoked crack cocains

The pope resigned

then we heard blurred Lined

a million times and the silver linings

playbook, Bradley Cooper made loot.

Alot of bad things happened this year, but we don't wanna talk about that.

like trials and bombs and football players

and i walked into a swarm of gnats.

Edward Snowden - the government shutdown,

we'll make you put your butt down.

Nelson Mandella brought us all to tears

Now were down in Miami trading gators for beers, cheers.

Rockos Modern Life in 1996 had an episode that hit the scene

it took place in the future.

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