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Why The Tampa Bay Rays Have The Best Mascot In Major League Baseball

In honor of the 2013 baseball season upon us, everyone needs to know why our favorite sea dog Raymond is the best mascot in the MLB!

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He is never intimidated by the competition.

His friends always have his back.

He knows how to handle daily pranks from DJ Kitty.

The kids look up to him.

He is an ambassador of peace.

He is athletic.

And very photogenic.

He's not afraid to try new things.

He is comfortable in his own skin.

He has pride in his team.

He even makes a great pillow.

He has his own baseball card.

Although sometimes he gets sleepy.

He always speaks the truth.

Hugs are free of charge.

He keeps us hydrated.

Sometimes he can get a little rowdy.

But never loses his swagger.

He makes a great wingman.

And also a great family man.

Who respects his elders.

And just loves everyone :)

But most importantly he truly loves the game of baseball.

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