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    Siam BJJ Cup 2020: Mohammadreza “Persian Leopard®”Goodary Takes 3 Medals

    It was a spectacle to behold on the 19th of December, as 500 warriors from all over the globe came together to compete for the Siam BJJ Cup 2020.

    Brazilian Jujitsu tournament

    The Siam Cup is Thailand’s premier Brazilian Jujitsu tournament, which focuses on promoting and developing this exciting sport within the Asian continent, beginning with Thailand. It is a platform that has gained international recognition over the years, helping athletes from different parts of the world gain competitive experience for their personal development.

    It has also acted as a springboard to give talented and hardworking athlete's a chance to compete in the Asian Games, and International Brazilian Jujitsu Federation (IBJJF) amateur and professional tournaments.

    2020 Siam Cup

    The athletes competing in the 2020 Siam Cup were hosted in Bangkok, Thailand, at the Show DC after the location was moved from the Rangsit University. The participants met their opponents in the early hours of the tournament, in what is traditionally known as the Weighing Ceremony. And it wasn't long before the event kicked off in grand style.

    The matches were electrifying and cheers of excitement went through the roof at every jab, kick and move. This was no surprise, as the event featured 4 World famous BJJ Champions, and several other renowned Jujitsu, Wrestling, Sambo, and MMA veterans.

    One man who caught the eye of spectators was Mohammadreza Goodary®️, known as the Persian Leopard, a Gold Medalist at the 2019 Siam Cup BJJ (94.3 kg / Gi season / Adults Men's / White belt). Reza dominated a good part of the tournament, producing a noteworthy performance in what he described as the hardest Jujitsu tournament he had ever been involved in. This tournament marked the beginning of a new look for Reza, as he competed wearing the classic Venum™️jersey.

    After 12 hours and 9 matches of end-to-end action, Mohammadreza “Persian Leopard” Goodary®️ ended the tournament with:

    A gold medal in Gi / Adults / Blue belts / -94.3 kg

    A bronze medal in Gi / Adults / Blue belts / Absolute, and

    Another bronze medal in No-Gi/ Adults / +73 kg.=

    2020 Siam Cup

    Without a doubt, Reza's description of the difficulty of this tournament wasn't far fetched, as the experience and high-level technicality were evident in every match. Finishing such an arduous competition with 3 medals is no mean feat. With trainers like DJ Jackson & Anton Kim; a manager like Mehdi Zatout, a wrestling coach like Arash Mardani, and a nutritional adviser like Dr. Sajjad Rezaei, any athlete would be in safe hands. This powerful team of professionals was key to Reza's success.

    After such a dazzling display, more people have been keen to inquire deeper into the man we know as Mohammadreza “Persian Leopard” Goodary®️, and what makes him so special:

    The Persian Leopard®️

    "I'm always hungry for a fight and I'll never get tired of training and fighting. Martial arts polished my soul and brightened my wellbeing. Martial arts has changed the course of my life for many years. In a word, martial arts is everything to me." These are the words of determination, hard work, discipline, and someone with a champion mentality. All the ingredients needed to succeed in an ever-competitive field, embodied in one man; why wouldn't he be special?


    Born on December 14th, 1988 in Tehran to a noble family, Reza had always been a hyperactive individual. With a lot of bubbling energy, waiting to explode, it didn't take long before his father decided it was time to learn Judo. June 24th, 1995 was his first day in a dojo (martial arts gym), and it marked the day the world opened the window of martial arts to him.

    When asked what he remembers about that special day, he says, "I don't remember much. I just know I never thought I would be motivated enough to practice and fight after 25 years."

    Not long after, Reza was introduced to Kung-Fu by his friend. With so much dedication put into physical and mental endurance training, he transformed himself into a never-say-die competitor. But that wasn't enough; he needed to fight, he needed an opportunity to be able to step into the spotlight and achieve his dreams.

    He spent several hours researching martial arts and eventually picked up a keen interest in Karate. After many years of training with Kancho Hamid Soltani, one of the greatest Karate masters in Iran and the world, he set his sights on conquering the world stage, at the highest level. Years of painstaking, non-stop training helped turn him into the ultimate fighting machine. And as a young fighter, he set a wonderful record for 299 professional Karate fights.

    Karate League

    He had been a key member of the national team for several years, winning the Super Karate League and about 20 championship titles. He had built up a strong presence and fanbase in Iran, and nothing seemed to be stopping his rapid growth.

    After his teacher moved to Germany, from Iran, he made a life-changing decision to pursue his dreams in Thailand. It didn't take long for Reza to announce himself in the new country, and within 5 years, he was decorated with major titles including the World Karate Championships in Japan and Thailand, professional Muay Thai fighting in Thailand, and the World Martial Arts Masterships as Martial Arts Olympics (South Korea).

    The little hyperactive boy from Tehran, who started Judo at seven, was now a full-fledged world champion. Even with all his achievements, Reza still feels he can do better and has more steps to climb in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). He identified his next goal and wasted no time starting to practice Jujitsu, the only weakness stopping him from entering the hexagon. He trained under the supervision of Professor Celso Rolim Junior and Professor De'Alonzio Jackson, one of the leading icons of Jujitsu and MMA. With amazing speed and skill, he overcame the obstacles to progress, and won the prestigious SIAM CUP and COPA De Bangkok competitions.

    Reza proved himself as a champion and received the blue belt of Jujutsu and with it, his presence in the hexagon of dreams. The Tri-Martial Arts World Champion doesn't seem like slowing down, and is certainly hungry for more!

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