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10 Gifs That Prove The End Is Nigh

This ain't no four horsemen nonsense. These are real-life occurrences that could theoretically end life as we know it. Grab a blankie and a loved one, you'll need all the support you can get to make it through this post. When you brave through, you'll be ready to see World War Z - in theaters this Friday.

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1. What's this, you ask? Oh, just a random hole that has been burning for forty consecutive years.


The Burning Gates of Turkmenistan. Found by accident in the 1950's while trying to drill for natural gases, this hell hole refuses to quit burning. It's a WARNING.

2. After 17 years of slumber, the cicadas are back to deliver a message: "World War Z is now."

And it's not gonna be as pretty as Brad Pitt's face, they can tell you that much..

3. This is the Large Hadron Collider. It exists to answer some questions, and to potentially end all lives.


Particles are constantly being passed through this 17-mile loop at extremely high speeds. When they collide, things happen. What things? Potentially a brand new big bang. The Higgs Boson. The elusive Strange Matter. We know so little about this stuff that it could very well get out of hand in the blink of an eye.



Don't know what's happening. Don't like what's happening. That liquid is too smart.

5. What's worse? A stampede of zombies, a la World War Z, or a swarm of locusts?

CNN / Via

The answer is both. Both are worse.

6. When earth finds itself in the path of a massive burst of solar wind - everyone suffers.


It only happens a couple times a decade. But when it does, in addition to the ominous bright and colorful lights you'll see at night time, it completely messes with all electronic devices. And when the internet goes, we all go. Right?

7. Nope.


Just...nope. Kill the planet with fire, we're done here.

8. All the tornados this year can mean only one thing. We are reaching the end of days.


World War Z is now. To the shelter!

9. Here's an image of of the surface of Mars and what some people are convinced is a "Mars Rat."


As soon as we find life on that planet, we're all moving there, right?

10. Ok so this one isn't real. But tsunamis are real, and this is really good CGI.

20th Century Fox / Via

The point is, I'm scared.

You're still here? Good. You're cleared to watch World War Z, now. Congratulations!

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