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    Which Worlds Of Fun Roller Coaster Are You?

    Out of our seven different roller coasters, which one has a "personality" that fits you best? Take this quiz to find out!

    When in a group, what are you most likely doing during your visit to Worlds of Fun?
    What is your favorite part about riding a roller coaster?
    What is your favorite non-roller coaster ride?
    • Autobahn
      Worlds of Fun
    • SteelHawk
      Worlds of Fun
    • RipCord
      Worlds of Fun
    • Le TaxiTour
      Worlds of Fun
    • Detonator
      Worlds of Fun
    • Cyclone Sams
      Worlds of Fun
    • Fury of the Nile
      Worlds of Fun
    Besides the rides, which of these would you most likely be doing?
    What do you prefer to do while waiting in line?
    What is your favorite time of year to visit the park?
    In the summertime, what can you be found doing at Oceans of Fun?
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