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    Take The Test: Can You Help Change The World In 2014?

    Did you help change the world in 2013? Hmmm....well here are 19 easy ways you can redeem yourself in 2014. Which will be your 2014 New Year's Resolution?

    1. Turn the lights off when you leave the party/room

    2. Take the bus more often

    3. Walk, paddleboard, segway, skateboard, rollerblade, razor scooter your way around town

    4. Take 3 minutes to learn about the state of world poverty

    View this video on YouTube

    Accomplish your new year's resolution in less than 5 minutes by watching this video.

    5. DID YOU DO #4? YES?!

    6. Recycle soda cans, milk cartons, yogurt containers, napkins, tires, computers, paper cups, flip phones, water bottles, your old Motorola Razr phone

    7. Pay the toll for the person behind you

    8. Use swirl "energy saver" light bulbs

    9. Keep the heating down and wear sweaters instead

    10. Don't buy bottled water if you can drink tap water

    11. Be nice and say "Thank You"

    12. Eat healthy

    13. Quit smoking

    14. Grow a garden

    15. THIS: Grow a REAL garden

    16. Be nice to your sibling(s)

    17. Give to a local cause that matters to you

    18. Join the Global Movement to End Poverty by 2030

    19. Reuse water. Here's why: