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10 Ways To Serve On Mandela Day That Can Change Someone Else’s Life

TAKE ON what you want to change in your community

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1. Help children get vaccinated


In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), community health workers help document the weight and growth of children at the Marechal Health Center.

Time for your yearly check-up!

2. Organize a food program


Volunteers from a community in Lao prepare and cook traditional recipes with nutritious ingredients to ensure that the children eat healthier meals, and so they don't have to go back home for lunch and can spend more time at school.

Doesn't everybody want a home cooked Lao meal?

3. Connect entrepreneurs through technology


A Kenyan startup company uses mobile technology to link local artisans with global markets. The company, founded and managed by women, sells some of Africa's hip coolest fashion items on the internet.

We do love her necklace.

Watch the full story.

4. Share your knowledge with others


One "mobile teacher" shows how a program is helping to improve the lives of out-of-school youth and the elderly by teaching them basic reading, writing, and math skills.

Watch the full story.

5. Speak up: Encourage others to express their ideas


Pick me!

Rural schools in Mongolia use teaching methods that encourage children to share and express their ideas in the classroom.

7. Organize a community project


In Indonesia, these women lead a community meeting to discuss the reconstruction of their village, which was hit by a volcanic eruption.

The conversation looks pretty serious.

10. Get inspired: WATCH this video on how one cow has changed this farmer's life forever.

View this video on YouTube


Don't you appreciate cows even more now?

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