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Neil Gaiman Reads, Strong Bad Writes, And John Green Drinks

Just 3 of many reasons you need to check out the most whimsical charity ever, Worldbuilders.

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The Worldbuilders Are At It Again

Worldbuilders is an annual fundraiser in which geeks of all creeds join together to raise funds for Heifer International and win amazing geeky prizes simultaneously. It's like an avalanche of creativity, generosity, verbosity, hyperactivity and festivity all around.

Not only are you likely to win cool prizes for donating, but the stretch goals for the fundraiser as a whole are bringing out the zany in a host of creators and personalities we all love:

Strong Bad Writes a Kid's Book

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The Chapman brothers / Via

The folks behind Homestar Runner have already posted the teaser trailer for "The Ocelot and the Porridge Maiden."

Neil Gaiman Will Read Your Favorite Book

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Neil Gaiman / Via

He did Green Eggs and Ham last year and it was wonderful. If Worldbuilders raises $600,000 he'll read another book, and this year you can vote on what he reads by donating!