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How To Break Up With Someone On Valentine's Day

And other unconventional Valentine's Day gifts.

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We're all familiar with the pink wave of things to buy around Valentine's Day, followed closely by the wave of folks crying out against consumerism and the contrived nature of the holiday.

We'd like to propose a way to ride both waves. If you like the concept of an excuse to express your feelings, but feel weird about literally buying into the holiday by purchasing material goods, consider this: giving a charitable gift in someone's honor.


Is this an unconventional approach for Valentine’s Day? Yes. But 79% of Americans have said they would rather have a charitable gift given in his or her name than receive something material, so maybe this is one of those so-crazy-it-just-might-work occasions.

So if you’re feeling a little counter-cultural, we’ve plotted a gift guide according to what you might want to express:

Friends and Family

The Little Mermaid, Walt Disney Animation Studios / Via tumblr

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be all about romantic love! Say “You’re awesome" with a goat, because goats are awesome. Got a friend who’s going through a break up? Give a school of fish to say, “Don’t worry, there are plenty of fish in the sea.”

Valentine's Day Haters

True Detective, HBO / Via giphy

Last but not least, the water buffalo are here for the Valentine’s Day haters. Giving a water buffalo is sure to put a damper on things and let everyone know that you care about serious issues only—it says, “This holiday is contrived. Hunger and poverty are real.”