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Goats On Instagram Vs. Goats In Real Life

Even our favorite animal can use a filter.

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Eating breakfast on Instagram...

Having breakfast delivered right outside your window.

Playing with your friends on Instagram...

Best. Hiding. Spot. Ever.

Showing love on Instagram...

I mean. Come on! Does it get any cuter in the goat world?

Striking a goat pose on Instagram...


A goat on Instagram & in real life...

Helping a family out of hunger and poverty. That's cool no matter what.

Turns out goats are adorable on Instagram and in real life.

The best thing about goats? These versatile creatures can help end hunger and poverty. How? When you give a goat through Heifer International, you're giving a family in need a life-changing gift. A goat can supply up to a ton of milk a year (used to make cheese, yogurt and butter), leading the way for better nutrition in impoverished communities.

This holiday season, don't just love goats online, give one to a family in need.