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A Few Of Our Favorite GIF(t)s

These animals are more than adorable: they can be literal life-savers for families who need a source of food and income. You can donate any of them in honor of someone you love as a gift this holiday!

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Lend a Llama

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For the fabulous people only.

Release the Bees

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Never gets old.

Cows Show You Care

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Afraid someone might headbutt you on sight this holiday? Smooth it over with a cow–not even this enraged sheep can stay mad at this mild-mannered heifer.

Gifts That Keep On Giving

The best thing about donating these animals through Heifer International is that the families who receive them will give that animal's first offspring to someone else who needs it. It's called Passing on the Gift, and it happens an average of nine times for every animal donated! It's up to you to start it off – do you want to Pass on the Gift?