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To Infinity And Beyond With BuzzFeed Premium Content

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Want to take your social content game above and beyond? Premium assets are images created in-house by our creative team, with a huge range to choose from. Take a giant leap into BuzzFeed’s newest and most innovative formats with us!

At BuzzFeed, we work with the best creatives in the industry. Our in-house creatives are highly experienced in journalism, advertising, design and - most importantly - knowing what will engage your audience. They spend most of their waking hours trawling through the internet for the latest hot-topics and trends, so they are always ready to guide you on what will send your content soaring.


The premium content solutions we present here are transferrable across all types of verticals and briefs, and can often be combined together to create unique, shareable content.

Let’s take the theme of Space as an example.


Illustration opens up a whole new world of possibilities in Premium Social Content. Creating bespoke images enhances the narrative within your post and allows you to tell a story that you wouldn’t have been able to with curated images and GIFs.

We can work in a wide range of illustrated styles that will fit with your brand and message, whether that is:


The world is your oyster when it comes to putting together custom visuals for content and we are not limited to flat, 2D outcomes either. Illustrations can take the form of inspirational tattoos, witty t-shirt designs, brutally honest greeting cards and more.

Stunning visuals plus engaging copy is a recipe for shareability. #Fact.

Check out how to travel in Britain in 24 hours and see how many of these 8-bit movie characters you can name. For you gym-bunnies out there, these awkward gym moments are just way too real.

Okay, so let’s take a look at how we can mix illustration with other engaging content.


BuzzFeed readers love a GIF - they really do. Heck, listicles and GIFs are what we are most famous for. But, did you know that within our line-up of creatives, we have experienced animators and cinematographers to create your very own custom GIF content?

Our talented in-house designer will create bespoke, animated content that will tell your story in a unique, fresh and interesting way. Custom GIFs are a great way to give visual interest to infographics, stats and more serious content that can’t be illustrated with collated pictures of cats riding hoovers!


Who wouldn’t want to see ‘Here’s what Space Over Britain Actually looks like’?

These couples confessed their first impressions of each other and here's the best pieces of advice you'll get all day.

This will give anyone a kick right in the nostalgia.

A few decades ago, kids and adults alike stared wide-eyed and mouth agape at the wonders of the ‘Computer Game’. Today graphics have evolved, however 8-bit still resonates with people in their early 20s to late 40s. It hits them with positive nostalgia from playing on Game Boys, SNES and arcades. When you mix two things like retro 8-bit and say, your current favourite show, you’re hitting two beloved subjects that the general geek-culture of super fans get very excited about and want to share with everyone they know.


8-bit animations go hand-in-hand with brands that are story-led, such as movies, TV shows and video games. Recaps and ‘Greatest Moments in 8-Bit’ are a guaranteed hit.

Here are The Greatest Moments from a hugely popular 90s TV show and the 11 Most Annoying Commuters you will ever encounter.

Kinetic Typography allows for text to come alive. We often hear words, but don’t listen to what they mean, and kinetic typography nips that straight in the bud with carefully thought-out movement and pace. Static text is so 2014.


From ‘Famous Quotes You Should Live Your Life By’ to ‘Can You Guess The Song By The Obscure Lyric?’, there’s so much possibility.

Photography is a powerful medium that lets us create and capture an engaging real-world story in a post. A photo has the ability to express every human emotion, capture a special moment in time and allows people to interpret how they see the world.


Custom photography is a great way of giving your post a premium feel and combining all the elegance of a magazine shoot combined with the modernity of a BuzzFeed post. We work with a talented team of photographers, stylists, art directors and new and exciting venues which will guarantee you eye-poppingly, visually stunning images. Custom photography is a great way to explore deeper themes, illustrate LitForm posts and create completely new and original content that hasn’t been seen anywhere else. There’s also a high chance that they will create additional buzz and likely be picked up by other outlets.

‘London Street Art That’ll Make You Look Twice’ and ‘How To Live A Champagne Lifestyle On An Orange Juice Budget’ would make perfect photography posts.

Take a look at these fashionable folks and these images beautifully capture Autumn.


Miniature photography allows for the creation of whimsical new worlds, using miniature figures and everyday materials, including food, stationery and anything else we can get our hands on. Miniature photography is a wonderful way to capture the imagination of your audience through original storytelling and a dash of humour too.

Miniature photography would work magic for posts such as ‘Things You Would Totally Do If You Shrank’ and ‘Things You Will Only Understand If You’re An Ant Living In London’.

Check out some tiny, tiny love with these classic love stories in miniature form.


People love to learn new things and what’s more, people love to share things they’ve learnt in order to look more knowledgable. We bet you’re just as guilty of that as we are - it’s just human nature. So, we have developed smart, new ways to translate information to knowledge-hungry audiences.

The map: a tool that’s been used for centuries as a way to document where points of interest are in relation to each other in a certain area. We have gone one step further, and evolved it with well thought out design and information that will make readers want to visit every spot on the list and get their friends to come along too.


Why not work with us to create a map of the Best Places To Grab A Drink In London? Or how about the best picnic spots? There’s so many destinations yet so little time, so let’s make it easy for your audience.

Here’s how to eat and drink your way through British Columbia. Or if you're more of a night owl, this guide to nightlife in Sharm El-Sheikh will suit you quite nicely.

Who doesn't love food? Better yet, who doesn't love beautifully photographed, easy-to-follow recipes that you can make in your own kitchen? We live in a nation who are loud and proud about their adoration of grub, many with their own cult following - looking at you, Pizza. With our carefully curated recipes and stunning photography, we can make your brand the go-to place for all budding food connoisseurs.


Whether you want your brand to be the voice of 'Healthy Treats You Can Make In 5 Minutes' or 'Home-Made Burgers That'll Win Your Barbecue', we are sure everyone will be showing off their culinary skills and salivating with each other all over social media.

Here's some genius tips for throwing an Autumn barbecue, and these DIY shot glasses are guaranteed to change your life.

At BuzzFeed we love to create infographics, such as venn diagrams, flow charts and pie charts. We can go down the factual route for when education is the objective of your campaign, or we can create infographics based on humorous observations that are easily relatable.


You would definitely relate to 'Brutally Honest Charts About Your Love Life'.

See these charts that totally explain your relationship with your cat and charts for people who suck at sport.

A Tips and Hacks post allows you to make your audience's lives so much easier. Everyone loves to learn new ways of doing things, or just simply how to do them in the first place. By creating one of these posts, we put you on the forefront of the inevitable conversation and tip-sharing that a Tips and Hacks post sparks.


Super useful tips and hacks could be 'Smartphone Hacks You Didn't Know You Needed In Your Life' or 'Style Tips To Unleash Your Inner Super Hero'.

No doubt you'll want to bookmark these tips for Halloween and how to make the most of your garden in the Summer.

We love our lists at BuzzFeed, however we are also more than capable of creating long-form posts too. With backgrounds in traditional journalism, our creatives are just itching to write compelling narratives of both fact and fiction that will tell your story. Mixed with custom visuals, the Litform will become a meaningful, inherently shareable piece.


Great reads would include 'We Lived Our Lives By The Roll Of A Dice For A Week' and 'Life Lessons Learned When We Took Our Parents Clubbing'.

See why you should care that Voguing is back and what was learnt when one of our creatives tried vintage beauty methods for a week. We even found out what would happen if we gave Natalie's nan a smartphone for a day.

Alright! Now this is where the fun steps up a gear. One of the best ways to keep your audience engaged with your content is to get them involved and interacting with it. Here are some interactive products that are already capturing people's attention.


The Slider, AKA ‘The Slidey-Thing’ took BuzzFeed by storm. Presenting a simple, interactive way of comparing two photographs or illustrations, this product is fantastic at holding a reader’s attention and looks pretty darn cool too.

Perfect examples of usage would be a ‘Before and After’ post for a your Beauty or DIY brand, or an inspirational post comparing what people wanted to be as a child and what they are now.

See how the Slider was used to juxtapose these amazing people's everyday jobs with their extraordinary second lives.


BuzzFeed polls put popular opinion to the test. By the creation of polls around hotly-debated topics, we can put your brand in the centre of the conversation. Whether the reader wants to weigh in with their views or be reassured that they're not the only one who does that 'thing' (you know what we are talking about), this is a great way to gauge responses and disrupt the status quo.

How would your opinions weigh up with 'Would You Rather: The Ultimate Man Edition' or 'What Are Your Money Habits Like Compared To Everyone Else?'.

See how you compare, with this Ultimate Game Of Would Your Rather or what would you do on London transport?


The Personality Quiz is one of BuzzFeed's most popular formats. They put unique reader identities and shareability front and centre, by using the answers they give to calculate insights that they identify with. People love to show off little glimpses of who they are to their friends and family, making this the perfect sharing content.

From the wacky to the bold, personality quizzes would allow you to discover 'How Adventurous Are You Really?' or 'How Scrooge Are You?'.

Why don't you see if you have the mind of a serial killer or what kind of BBQ food you are?


Remember what we said about knowledge and people wanting to look clever in front of their mates? Trivia quizzes put readers' expertise to the test, resulting in solid proof and bragging rights - and who doesn't want to share how clever they are?

Let's test readers' knowledge with Trivia Quizzes such as 'Could You Pass GCSE Biology?' or 'How Much Of A Football Fan Are You Really?'

Give The Hardest Trivia Quiz You'll Ever Take a go.


Brainteasers are our snazzy text-entry quiz format, that are perfect for visually-focused trivia. Instead of selecting from multiple choice options, the player answers by typing their input. Perfect for challenging your audience in a totally new way.

Brainteasers have so much possibility, from 'Can You Guess The 90's Footballer From The Facial Hair?' to creating visual puzzles and anagrams to really engage an audience's brain power.

Test your noodle by guessing these box sets by the emojis. Or if that proves too easy, let's see how you deal with hacking into these social media accounts.


One small step for man, one giant leap for native social content: our Big Ideas are the way to push the boundaries of your content and take innovation to the next level.

We can ideate and develop a wide range of bespoke post formats that readers can interact and play with. They are also a great way to include more design flair and logic behind products to make sure that all feedback is unique to the reader, enhancing their value, shareability and engagement.


Games, Generators and Choose Your Own Adventures are just the tip of the iceberg of what BuzzFeed can do for your brand. We are always coming up with new executions or can create one entirely new for you, to keep your audience fully engaged with your content.

See where you should go to live the James Bond lifestyle and what you should make for dinner tonight.


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