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Workaholics Slang

"Workaholics" is the funniest show you've never heard of. The new season starts on Comedy Central, so get acquainted with some of their vocabulary before you watch. Catch "Workaholics" on Tuesdays at 10:30/9:30c.

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  • S'Go


    S’Go (v): Shorthand for “Let us go." In a Sentence: “I just stole a bottle of Bushmills from behind the bar, and I think the bouncer saw me, S’Go, S’Go.”

  • Torqued


    Torqued (adj): 1. Fully engorged. 2. The state of being just about to "bone that lady." In a Sentence: You must be happy to see me, because you are fully torqued!

  • Tight Butthole

    Tight Butthole

    Tight Butthole (n): 1. An awesome thing. 2. A really awesome thing. In a Sentence: Tonight is going to be a tight butthole night!

  • Fearection


    Fearection (n): The result of a man being terrified to the point of arousal. In a Sentence: “When Carrie had all that blood on her at the Prom and started killing all those people, it gave me a Fearection so big you could see it under the blanket.”

  • Shart


    Shart - 1) (v) : The act of unintentionally defecating while attempting to release gas.
    2) (n) : The physical result of unintentionally defecating while attempting to release gas. In a Sentence: “It is no surprise that eating all that chili lead to a Shart so bad, everyone in the car felt like they had to wipe.”