• S’Go


    S’Go (v): Shorthand for “Let us go.” In a Sentence: “I just stole a bottle of Bushmills from behind the bar, and I think the bouncer saw me, S’Go, S’Go.”

  • Torqued


    Torqued (adj): 1. Fully engorged. 2. The state of being just about to “bone that lady.” In a Sentence: You must be happy to see me, because you are fully torqued!

  • Tight Butthole

    Tight Butthole

    Tight Butthole (n): 1. An awesome thing. 2. A really awesome thing. In a Sentence: Tonight is going to be a tight butthole night!

  • Fearection


    Fearection (n): The result of a man being terrified to the point of arousal. In a Sentence: “When Carrie had all that blood on her at the Prom and started killing all those people, it gave me a Fearection so big you could see it under the blanket.”

  • Shart


    Shart - 1) (v) : The act of unintentionally defecating while attempting to release gas.
    2) (n) : The physical result of unintentionally defecating while attempting to release gas. In a Sentence: “It is no surprise that eating all that chili lead to a Shart so bad, everyone in the car felt like they had to wipe.”