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Weirdest Hangover Cures

Partying on a weeknight always seems like a good idea at the time, but then comes the morning after. A little groggy? Got a hangover? Here are some weird remedies for your long day at work tomorrow (or right now). And make sure to clink glasses with the pros on "Workaholics." Season Two premieres Tuesday, September 20th at 10:30 ET on Comedy Central.

  • Hair Of The Dog

    Hair Of The Dog

    Drink a Bloody Mary. While your blood is dealing with the new alcohol, it's ignoring the old. In the meantime, tomato juice and celery are replenishing your system with their vitamins.

  • General Tso’s Chicken

    General Tso’s Chicken

    Chow down on General Tso’s Chicken. Grease + 1700 calories + protein + sugar = CURED.

  • Pickle Juice

    Pickle Juice

    Gulp the pickle juice. Snooki's favorite food may finally explain how that girl can drink night after night after night.

  • Peanut butter

    Peanut butter

    Scoop up peanut butter. The high fat content of peanut butter may not be good for your waist, but it's good for your hangover.

  • Sex


    Do it. Provided you actually know the person sleeping next to you (or at least know that they know you), go for it. There's no better way to shed a hangover than to shag it away.

  • Irn-Bru


    Drink an Irn-Bru (pronounced “iron brew”). Scotland’s most popular soft drink is the perfect solution to overdoing it.

  • Sauna


    Sit in a sauna. The heat will force you to sweat out the toxins from your beaten up bod.

  • The guys on "Workaholics" know all about hangovers.

    The guys on " Workaholics " know all about hangovers.

    Watch them drink, smoke, and laugh themselves into a stupor - all before they head to work. Season Two of “Workaholics” premieres Tuesday, September 20th at 10:30 ET on Comedy Central.