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Results Day: Five Ways To Survive The Day

Results day is finally upon us, so here are a few tips to remember before you open your envelope.

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1. Deep breaths!

Maybe you’re exploding with pride because you've secured your place at university, whilst others might be shocked and disappointed with their grades. Either way, remain calm. It can be very easy to become overwhelmed with nerves in the hours and minutes before receiving your results. Try to distract yourself with something else, as a way of keeping your mind off things. If you’re going to collect your results in person, why not take a friend or family member with you, who you know will support you?

2. Keep off social media - twitter is not your friend today.

Everyone you know will be tweeting about results day. Even the people who aren’t getting their results are tweeting about it! Try to avoid social media, as it will just make you even more anxious. Some people will also joke about failing all of their A-Levels, which for a nervous student isn’t going to do you any favours. Equally, a few of your friends may have already received their results before you and will be sharing it with social media – you may feel like this is an added pressure on your shoulders.

3. Ask for help if you need it.

Your teachers are there to support you today. If you didn’t get the grades you were hoping for, or if you didn’t get into your university of choice, there are options. Seek help from members of teaching staff at your school or college, who will be able to advise you of the best way forward. Believe it or not, you’re not the first person to receive results and you’re not the last. Teachers will have assisted students in the past, so they’re your best source of information. Alternatively, if you’ve applied through UCAS for a university place, you should contact them and they will be able to support you with regards to locating a place on a course through clearing.

4. Um... I don't feel ready to go to university.

You might not get this feeling today, but it’ll pop up at some point. If you’re heading off to university and moving away from home, you’ll probably be excited at the prospect of getting away and living somewhere new. In addition, you might be nervous about making new friends and finding new support networks. Guess what? Everyone feels the same. Universities are extremely diverse places, so the chances of you not finding people who have something in common with you are slim. Plus there will be plenty of events for you to attend to meet fellow students once you get there. And if your main concern is not knowing how to cook or how to turn on the washing machine, this is the time to start learning!

5. Celebrate!

You don’t have to get 3 A*’s to celebrate! You’ve worked hard for your grades and you deserve to acknowledge that. Some of you will be going to university and might not see your school or college friends for a while, so enjoy this time together. What’s more, give your brain a rest from worrying and thinking about results day. If you need to focus on sorting things out through clearing, that’s fine, but make sure you take a break and give yourself some space to think things through. Either way, enjoy the time off - this summer will probably be one of the longest you'll ever have!

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