Rupert Graves And Tom Daley Prove That Cloning Is Totally A Thing

Separated at unfff.

1. This is Rupert Graves.


Hi, Rupert!

2. He plays D.I. Greg Lestrade in BBC’s Sherlock.


Such fancy things he keeps in his fancy bag.

3. But you already knew that.


What’s he pointing at, you ask? Anything he goddamn wants to, that’s what.

4. And this was Rupert Graves back in the day.

Merchant Ivory Productions / Via

Look unfffmiliar?

5. Now let’s meet Tom Daley. Hi, Tom!


This is Tom doing his Fonzie impression: “Ehhhh”

6. Tom is Rupert’s genetic clone.

What’s he pointing at, you ask? A tiny stone henge. Either that, or it’s very far away.

7. Don’t believe me?

Sherlock cameo. You’re welcome.

8. No really, look.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty

Tim P. Whitby / Getty


Yes, they were surprised at first too.

9. But it’s true.

Tim Whitby / Getty

10. They have the same wistful eyes.

Faith Moran / Splash News

11. Rupert looks great with grey hair.

Google ‘Lustrade’. You’ll be glad you did.

12. And so does Tom!

See also, chin fuzz!

13. And then there’s this grin.


14. And this grin.

Tom really enjoyed his day trip to the conveyor belt museum.

15. Also this grin.

J. Quinton / WireImage

16. And this other grin.

Christopher Lee / Getty

Michael Phelps said it was chocolate. He lied.

17. They also both love sports.

Merchant Ivory Productions

Quinn Rooney / Getty


Good show, old chap!

18. And modelling scarves in fields.

Rupert is a bit jealous of Tom’s scarf. He’s right to be, it’s a lovely scarf.

19. Rupert likes to wear Aviators.

“Tower, this is Ghostrider requesting unfff.”

20. Tom does too!


21. Just think about it.


22. You know it to be true.

Clive Rose / Getty

Tom is not looking into your soul. But he is treading water like a boss.

23. Rupert was cloned.

Goldcrest Films International / Via

24. And that’s how we got Tom.

YouTube/Tom Daley

Lucky us!

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