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Grad School As Told By "The Office"

I am dead inside.

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So you decided to go to grad school.

And you're probably the oldest person and all of these millennials are just surrounding you.

And they're talking about how their parents give them money every week for food but they really just spend it on Svedka.

And you're sitting in your night class, and you've been removed from school for awhile, so when class is over you're kind of like...

And someone asks you how your day is going

All of your professors ask you to read at least 5 chapters... this was supposed to be undergrad pt. 2, not book club.

So you go home to your dog and finally happiness finds its way back into your heart.

Until you wake up the next morning and have to leave for your full-time job that you have on top of classes.


And the only thing you feel like you've learned is how to bullshit a presentation.

And you're also drinking more than you did as an undergrad, which is technically legal but also frightening.

You try to sleep at night but have a nightmare that you didn't do your homework and you're literally way too old to still be concerned about that.

You're writing your thesis which has to be 80 pages or something insane like that, and you have no idea how you're going to make it go that long.

And realistically you know you should go to the library but you know it'll be crowded.

And your love life? As if you have time to date... though maybe it would make you less angry.

You find yourself asking a lot

Undergrads keep handing you flyers on campus

And you want them to know that even though you're also 5'4", you're actually a lot older and wiser and therefore superior than them.

Like for God's sake, you teach them in their 100 level classes, and they feel like they can lie to you and get away with it.

And speaking of teaching... you have no idea what the hell you are doing.

And even though you feel like each day is actually killing you...

You know this is actually a really cool opportunity.

And that maybe you'll be successful someday, like Beyonce.

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