21 Moments From "Broad City" That Made You Fall In Love With Abbi And Ilana

    Four and three and two and one.

    1. When Ilana and Abbi didn't let a stranger tell them what to do.

    2. And when they redefined the boundaries of friendship.

    3. When Ilana established the four R's, once and for all.

    4. When Ilana and Abbi went back to the thrift store with expensive clothes and tried to reenact Pretty Woman.

    5. When Ilana wore a dog hoodie to work.

    6. When Abbi reenacted a fan favorite Youtube video.

    7. When Abbi unveiled her alter-ego, Val.

    8. When Ilana realized she was literally dating herself.

    9. When they talked about their ancestry.

    10. When Abbi spent the day at Whole Foods with Bingo Bronsen.

    11. When Abbi and Ilana went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

    12. When Abbi cashed a check for eight f*cking thousand dollars.

    13. When Ilana ate seafood knowing she was allergic and almost died.

    14. When Ilana and Abbi found out Trey was also "Kirk Steele."

    15. When Ilana and Abbi nuzzled Hillary Clinton.

    16. Or when Abbi hung out with Kelli Rippa and she ordered prostitutes.

    17. When Ilana babysat and realized the student had become the teacher.

    18. When Abbi got stuck in a ditch, got high, and fantasized about her life.

    19. When Abbi's love for Jeremy was tested and she decided to experiment with him.

    20. When Jaime could not, for the life of him, pick out froyo for Abbi.

    21. And lastly, Abbi's iconic Drew Barrymore impression.

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