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Should Retailers Celebrate Black Friday on Thanksgiving?

By Jhiavion Vazquez

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Thanksgiving is around the corner, many shoppers are preparing for Black Friday. Having a Thanksgiving meal and heading out are on most people's plans for Thanksgiving. Instead of staying in their warm cozy homes, people are standing outside of retail stores waiting for what has now turned into Black Thursday.

Black Friday is a tradition where huge retail stores have sales for the holiday seasons. With many good deals, people are most likely not going to miss out on them. It has slowly turned into “Black Thursday” stripping away from its original tradition and in some cases ruining a holiday. Thanksgiving is a holiday where most people spend time with their family and feast on delicious food. Now that times have changed, families don't really have time to enjoy that day anymore.

“ Having to work on Thanksgiving is very upsetting. Family is always first to me and it takes away from that when I have to work,” says Katrina Vazquez. With sales starting in the evening, most people have to work all night. Being taken away from their family time can be very frustrating. While others are enjoying it because they want to, others are becoming frustrated wondering why families aren't at home with theirs enjoying a holiday that they can't.

“Being able to go out with family or friends for black friday sales are exciting. I would eat before or after doing my shopping on Thanksgiving,” says Morrisa Boyd.

What are your thoughts? Should Black Friday remain on its original day? Is it interfering with a holiday that is important to family? Would you work on a holiday? Should we allow to continue to adjust to these new traditions?

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