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Oprah Winfrey Gives Moving Speech At The 75th Annual Golden Globes

By: Letzy Mandujano

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On January 7th, Oprah Winfrey accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement and gave an amazing speech at the 75th annual Golden Globes. In Oprah’s speech she talked about how she was thankful for being the first black woman ever to win this award. Oprah also addressed issues of racial injustice and sexual abuse.

Viewers across the country reacted to her speech. Here at Woodward High School, a teacher, Mr.Carr, and a student, Ja Roya Ector, watched Oprah’s speech and reported what they thought about it.

Student Interview

LM: I just showed you the video of Oprah’s speech. What do you think of it?

JE: It was very moving. It’s very important that she talks about racial injustice and sexual abuse. People are quiet about this type of stuff and, I’m happy that someone is speaking up for something that really matters.

LM: How do you feel knowing that Oprah was the first black woman to win this award?

JE: It’s great. It makes me proud know that she’s the first person to win. It’s what she deserves.

LM: You told me you heard about the sexual abuse that is going on in Hollywood. Do you think it was important for her to speak on it?

JE: I think it was very important for her to speak on it. “No one else is speaking on it, so it’s good that she shined some light on it”

Teacher Interview

LM: You saw Oprah’s speech. What do you think about the sexual abuse in Hollywood?

DC: It’s kinda stupid. Everyone knew what was happening but, no one spoke up about it. It sends a bad message to those who have actually been sexually abused. They can’t speak out because, they’re afraid of getting black balled. Hollywood is a bunch of hypocrites.

LM: Did you know that Oprah was the first black woman to win this award?

DC: No, I actually didn’t know that. It’s great that she’s the first and I’m happy for her.

LM: After Oprah’s speech, some say that she hinted about running for president. Do you think she’s going to run?

DC: I don’t know. Honestly, anything can happen. Oprah is loved by many people so there is a chance that if she runs, she can win.

Oprah for 2020? Some speculate that Oprah will run for President in 2020 but, she has put those rumors to rest. Oprah gave an interview with Washington Post on January 16 stating that she will NOT run for President.

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