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Cavs Vs. Celtics

By Daveon Thompson

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If you haven’t been living under a rock you probably have heard about Kyrie Irving leaving Lebron and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Many people wonder why he left, and he later answered that question. He simply t wanted to be the star of a franchise. He was tired of Lebron having all the say-so on the team.

So, Kyrie requested a trade and it was unknown for about a week where he would go. Then the Boston Celtics traded their starting point guard and center for Kyrie Irving, giving him that franchise spot he wanted.

Later on, the Celtics also acquired Gordon Hayward who was the 9th pick overall in the 2010 NBA draft.

Although many analytic experts favored the Celtics over the Cavs, it was a pretty lump-sided game after Gordon Hayward suffered a very severe injury in the first quarter. The Celtics were down 18 points at half but came out of the locker with an urge to comeback with the final score being 102-99 which the game could’ve been tied up if Kyrie would’ve made the last shot.

Looking forward to the season, I believe the Celtics and the Cavs will battle it out in a 7 game series and one will advance to the NBA Finals and have a contending chance at obtaining a ring.

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