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Day 5

Just learned the new of the suicide of Kim Jonghyun. Although I am not a fan of him, I did like the group he was in and followed their news back to the days I was interested in K-Pop. I was shocked he was the one to go with this choice. I thought he is one of those people who get privileges. After reading his last words, I feel very sad for him. It was like he was crying for help, but all he got is the echo of his own voice. He said nobody wants to know the real him. I think he is right about this one. All he asked in his last word is for someone to understand that he is exhausted, not being judged as a coward, not being criticized as a boy doing something wrong. He made it so clear that he knew it is the right choice for himself. I guess I am not the only in this world who don't understand the word Love. In his stance, even though he has countless fans, he has his teammates, it is still not good enough for him to understand the essence of happiness. I feel very down myself recently, too. It is never easy.

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