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    29 Reasons Why Playing The Piano Together Is The Most Fun Thing Two People Could Ever Do

    So, you play the piano ALL by yourself? Bor-ing... Two pianists are better (and sexier!), as proven by this crazy list featuring the Anderson & Roe Piano Duo.

    1. Seriously, rocking out with your friends is the most fun you could ever have.

    2. You'll see. Playing with a piano duo partner is like the grown-up, musical version of Twister.

    3. The more arms, the merrier.

    4. Heck, the more limbs, the merrier!

    5. In a piano duo, someone’s always there to lend a helping hand.

    6. And even in a desert, you won’t feel alone.

    7. In fact, you’ll become so close, you’ll start seeing your musical partner everywhere you look.

    8. Just wait! The whirlwind of musical collaboration...

    9. ...may cause an explosion of creativity.

    10. You will never be bored again.

    11. Together, the two of you may push more than just boundaries.

    12. And the fun you’ll have is infectious.

    13. Playing piano together is closer to dancing than you’d think.

    14. In fact, it's a ballet for your fingertips.

    15. Thankfully, there’s no rule against getting a little rowdy.

    16. However, your duo may occasionally feel more like a threesome...

    17. ...or at the very least, that feisty piano will keep the two of you on your toes.

    18. Watch out. You never know what emotions the music may stimulate.

    19. But if you're lucky, your piano duo partner might even become something more...

    20. And on your first date you can make beautiful music together.

    21. Although things may get a little hot and heavy.

    22. The excitement sometimes just bubbles over.

    23. By the way, it's super fun to figure out whose hands go where... ;-)

    24. A few final notes: playing two Steinways in the middle of the sidewalk can actually be a great way to meet people!

    25. With a piano duo partner, you’ll have a friend by your side should you ever feel blue.

    26. And there’s nothing like sharing a quiet evening with your friend by the fire.

    27. In summary, who wouldn't want a piano partner in crime?

    28. Playing piano together is so much fun that you’ll want it to go on forever.

    29. But nothing beats finishing at the same time...

    30. *APPLAUSE*