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  • How To Make Squirrel Sandwiches

    What better way to celebrate the crisp fall air than by shooting some lunch in the backyard? Just mother and son. Ok. Ok. The mom in the video is not Sarah. Mea culpa. This backwoods cooking show is authentic Americana. Mom accompanies her young son into the woods to hunt lunch, squirrel to be precise. She then finishes up with a caring Martha Stewart-style recipe. Before you chase squirrel, know that the EPA issued a warning to northern New Jersey residents: “children should not eat squirrel more than once a month, pregnant women no more than twice per month, and adults not more than twice per week.”

  • How To Sleep In Your Car

    Learn how to sleep in your car, and get a good night’s sleep. This video will teach you how to outlast the economy in the wilderness or your local Wal-Mart parking lot. If nothing else, you can do a road trip on the cheap, since you probably don’t have a job anymore. View Image ›

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