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Upside Downy

Photographer Brandon Voges of Bruton Stroube Studios photographs some upside down faces.

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Photographer Brandon Voges of Bruton Stroube Studios will take any excuse to photograph his friends doing weird things. A few years back, he put together a series called Shakey Face and had been itching to try something similar ever since. With this in mind, he came up with the idea to hang and shoot his subjects upside down but print the images right side up, then make large scale prints to show all the nitty-gritty, upside-downy details.

“I wanted to emphasize that odd, glitch-in-the-matrix feeling you get when you viewed them. The weirder the feeling, the better. I debated doing the upside down part along with having the people scream to really make it intense, but decided against it, for fear of someone popping blood vessels in their face.”

An upside downy behind the scenes video...

Brandon’s subjects weren’t the only ones who liked the images. They quickly became a hit throughout the blogosphere and ended up catching the eye of some creatives at Y&R Brazil, who then reached out to Brandon about using some of his Upside Downy faces in one of their campaigns...

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