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12 Nasty Things Women Have Been Called Throughout History

Donald Trump's "such a nasty woman" is really just the tip of the iceberg.

At the last debate, Donald Trump made the gentleman’s move of calling Hillary Clinton “such a nasty woman.” Women everywhere recognized this as what it was: just more insults from a bully trying to stop a strong woman from doing her thing.

Of course, women have heard many bullies try to stop them with name-calling throughout history. Here are just a few of the words that history's bullies have lobbed at women:

1. Witch - First used in the 1200s or earlier

2. Shrew - First used in the 1300s

3. Slut - First used in 1402

4. Hussy - First used in the 1520s

5. Whore - First used in the 1530s

6. Trollop - First used in 1610

7. Frumpy - First used in 1746

8. Frigid - First used in 1903

9. Broad - First used in 1911

10. Dame - First used in the 1900s

11. Bitch - First used in the 1400s

12. Pigs, Slobs, and Dogs - Used in the early 2000s

Despite these names and many, many more being thrown at strong ladies throughout history, we’re still on the verge of having our first female president. Brush that name-calling off and get out the vote for Hillary on November 8.