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Memes That Only FSE Students Will Understand

The Faculty of Science and Engineering: The struggle is real...

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When you're trying to study, so come up with simple names for everything to help you remember.

Trying to understand Quantum Mechanics

Your're really nervous during your first PCR experiment, so you keep shaking the pipette everywhere.

When it comes to figuring out the maths, I am either Pinky, or The Brain... there is no in-between

You see at least one of each type in your first lab

When start trying to compare Kinetics to everyday objects, in a desperate attempt to understand them.

When you see that many negative PCR results, you start going crazy

Animal Wildlife and Conservation students be like...

...And finally, all FSE students know this to be true.

It's so real it physically hurts...
Connor Levers

It's so real it physically hurts...

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