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8 Types Of Student In Almost Every Class

We can all think of at least a couple of people in our classes that fit some of these, and maybe even relate to some ourselves. Which one best describes you?

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1. The Eater

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The student that always has some kind of snack - happily munching away on biscuits (while everyone else is stressing about the essay due next week), or returning to lecture after a break (every time) with a cup of pasta. This is the student that, even if we complain about them and the food smells, we ENVY... because we wish we had gone and got a pasta pot in our break too, or bothered to bring lunch at all.

2. The Ghost (aka the test-day-only student)

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We all know several students (or rather don't know) who are simply invisible. We see their name on the class register that goes round and wonder if these people actually exist. When one of these 'enigmas' casually strolls into the room midway through a lecture, midway through a module, we fall quiet and wonder if we need to tell them they're in the wrong class. Most of all, we are all utterly baffled as to how these 'unknowns' still exist by the final year.... How do they do it?!

3. The Genius

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The student who ALWAYS get top grades yet NEVER looks stressed! They seem to be able to do note-taking, study for a test and complete their Spanish homework - simultaneously! They seem to balance 5 jobs, have a black-belt in Karate, speak 3 languages and have their whole future planned. We can't help but wonder how on earth they do it all. If this is you, you are a lucky mystery of humankind.

4. The Sleepy-Head

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Perhaps the most relatable... the student who just seems knackered, pretty much all the time. Sometime you can find them at the back of the class in the corner with their head on the desk, pen in hand, but well and truly asleep. It is not unheard of to even have students snoring through lectures. If this is you, we thank you for your mid-lecture entertainment, of which you are probably totally oblivious.

5. The Debater

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The student that has to question or argue everything the lecturer says, whatever he says, while the rest of us just nod or look blank (or both). These students aren't too common, but when your class has one, YOU KNOW IT. And there's the moment when you just know they're gonna argue something... and you plead in your head, "please don't, please just let it end".

6. The Silent One

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The student that keeps themselves to themselves. We see them, but know basically nothing about them. After lectures they instantly vanish, not to be seen again until the next lecture. These students are harmless, silent mysteries, that sometimes we wish we could solve.

7. The 'Who-Needs-Time-Anyways?' One

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The student that is predictably late, every lecture. We can all think of a student who would give us a shock if they were to ever turn up on time, or do the unimaginable and give us a heart-attack...BE EARLY. These students are typically so laid back, no matter what.

8. The Nerd

The Nerd. Every class should have one, if they don't already. These students come in all forms... the film-nerd, the gaming-nerd, the comic-book-nerd etc. They are also often quite the genius. Although their points in class aren't always the most relevant, we value them. But even more so, we appreciate their easygoing honesty and enthusiasm.

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