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10 Times Dean Was The Worst Character On "Gilmore Girls"

Lets be honest, my friends, no one is actually #TeamDean

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3. That time Dean wanted a marriage as shown in "The Donna Reed Show".

Exactly, Dean-o.... Marriages were so much better in the 1950s! All women should wait on their husbands hand and foot while dressed up to perfection! Women should not have jobs or venture out into the world. Wow, about time to move forward, Dean. Sorry, but "Back to the Future" was a work of fiction... You can't actually time travel, no matter how hard you try.

4. That time Dean lashed out at Rory for not saying "I Love You" back.

Exactly, Rory... The car over Dean every single day. No one should ever feel bad for not being ready to take that step. Good going!

5. That time Dean got mad at Rory for not being able to spend every waking moment with him.

Okay, Deanster, listen up... Rory wants to go to Harvard. We all know that you don't care about college and your future, but that doesn't mean you can hold other people back from achieving their goals.

6. That time Dean complains to no end about Rory's coming out ball.

Rory agreed to the ball for the happiness of her grandma, why can't you do it for the happiness of Rory? Stop only thinking about yourself and start thinking about Rory, the girl you supposedly love and would do anything for. Whatever, Dean. You basically just have to walk down a set of stairs wearing a tux. No need to start heavy-breathing.

7. That time Dean broke up with Rory in front of everybody. Twice.

Glad to hear it. Dean is always standing in the way of Rory doing anything on her own.

8. That time Dean interacted with Jess like he was about to assassinate him in the alleyway during the Winter Carnival.

You wear a leather jacket because you're a wannabe bad-boy, not because you actually are one. Jess is the real bad-boy. Jess will take you any second of the day. Stop doing the hovering over, hunched back, looking down on everyone else thing you do when you're mad... It just makes you look stupid. It isn't intimidating to Jess, or anyone else for that matter.

9. That time Dean didn't care about Rory's article.

All you could manage to say was "It was good"??? Do you not have any other opinions? Do you not understand that writing is a major part of Rory's life? Ugh. If you don't have any interest in holding a conversation with her about it, then you don't belong together. As if we ever thought you guys were MTB (meant to be).

10. That time Dean was a horrible husband to Lindsay and a horrible person in general.

An essay could be written on Dean's poor behavior throughout Season 4-5, but we will try to keep it short. First, he marries Lindsay even though he admitted to still loving Rory. Then, he is ungrateful towards Lindsay when she is exactly what he wanted in Season 1. Finally, worst of all, he cheats on Lindsay with Rory because his life is in shambles. Afterward, he takes his fear of getting caught out on Lindsay. Then he proceeds to do what he does best: be the worst character on "Gilmore Girls".

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