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6 Amazingly Extraordinary Features You Can Get By Using Yobs For Unemployment

Federico Dubini and Raphael Danilo migrated to California with a goal: Starting a company to solve a huge problem called youth unemployment.

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What is is a techstartup which leverages Artificial Intelligence and years of research in predictive hiring to disrupt recruiting and help students to find the job where they can better succeed with their skills.

The two founders run two prototypes with excellent results, built a team of experienced engineers and tier one board of advisors with professors, experts in data science, staffing, and key leader of the retail industry. leverages machine learning, artificial intelligence and years of research in predictive hiring to help students fighting youth unemployment and finding the jobs they need to pay their expenses.

After one year and half of pilots, research and biz dev, the bread and butter features of the product are now ready. The company is now closing its second round of funding at a $5M post round evaluation to develop a data science roadmap that will show how Artificial Intelligence can be an amazing tool to solve important social problems.

6 Features of Yobs

The science behind Yobs is built upon many years of scientific research and studies that intersect multiple disciplines, including Psychology, Linguistics, Sociology, Behavioral Economics, and Computer Science. Some of the features include:

1. Linguistic analysis on audio transcript of applicant video

2. Social media analysis on applicants

3. Deep learning on relationship between pre-employment assessment scores and job performance

4. Deep learning on relationship between logistical profile data and job performance

5. Build a responsive bot to conduct interview with applicants

6. Conduct deep learning on large retail/ hospitality employee data sets

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