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The 20 Best Weight Loss Foods, By The Biggest Loser's Dietitian

We all know humans need nutrient-packed foods to survive, yet so many of us try to thrive on diets of empty calories—including many of clients on ‘The Biggest Loser.’ Here are the 20 best weight loss food, by the biggest loser's dietitian.

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It's finally time to give the humble blueberry proper praise—and add them to your daily diet. What makes them so great? Blueberries may help blast away stubborn belly fat by turning on your get-lean genes, according to University of Michigan researchers. After a 90-day trial, the rats fed a blueberry-enriched diet showed significantly reduced belly fat than the control group. But that’s not all! The sweet fruit also contains compounds that ward off and reverse age-related loss of memory and motor coordination.


This ancient grain is a nutritional hero. Besides being rich in fiber and minerals like iron and magnesium (a nutrient that aids protein synthesis), quinoa is a complete source of protein, meaning it supplies all nine essential muscle-building amino acids the body cannot produce on its own.

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