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    Updated on Jul 13, 2018. Posted on Jul 13, 2018

    Street photography: the original storytelling tool

    Long before Instagram influencers, YouTubers or even mobile phones, there was a group of artists capturing everyday life for simple appreciation of its beauty. There was no thought of trying to incite clicks, likes or followers, just a desire to inspire viewers to look for the stories unfolding all around them.

    Art is everywhere - paying homage to street photography

    ©Estate of Vivian Maier, Courtesy Maloof Collection/Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York. / Via

    According to Wikipedia, street photography is “conducted for art or inquiry that feature unmediated chance encounters and random incidents within public places”. What makes that definition is the word “unmediated”. Photos are not taken with a goal of making a predetermined point. In our 24 hour-a-day, Instagram-worthy world, this makes them unique and refreshing.

    Vivian Maier exhibit opened my eyes to my new obsession

    ©Estate of Vivian Maier, Courtesy Maloof Collection/Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York. / Via

    My interest in street photography began when I saw a documentary about Vivian Maier. A photographer who was unknown in her lifetime. She worked as a Nanny in Chicago between 1950 - 1970. While she was caring for children, she was never without a camera around her neck and took thousands of photos, mostly undeveloped until after her death. There are so many things about Vivian Maier’s story to capture your interest beyond just the thousands of images she took over her lifetime. Her Rolleiflex camera allowed her to take photos without pointing a lens directly at her subject which may be how she captured such captivating images.


    Ira L. Black, Gallery Director and Gina Cerbone, Gallery Curator. / Via

    Her style allows us to see a snapshot of life through their eyes and interpret stories on our own. Various collections of her works are now on display around the world. Her story continues to fascinate because of the mystery surrounding Maier. Trying to understanding her motivation and her character, has become a school of study unto itself.

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