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    • wlawrencel

      You need to love this in light of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, there is increased necessity in preventing undocumented aliens from entering the country without the screening of the immigration inspections process.”
      The 9/11 attacks were by people who entered through normal channels and held VISA’a — the threat was from Saudis, following a Saudi leader, whose family has close ties to the Saudi monarchs, and who was funded by Saudi money. The response taken was to kill a declared enemy of the Saudi monarchy and declare the Saudi organizer of the attack to be irrelevant. Naturally, the President making the decision was the son of the form President who had been paid millions by the Saudi monarch to “consult” … about nothing other than where the money should be transferred.
      Now Hispanic women and children escaping South American are deemed a threat to national security — but the Tea party and Republicans are still bowing to the Saudis … and Hamas.

    • wlawrencel

      Hamas has been killing innocents (violating the Koran — so clearly not believers) and laughing and cheering.
      The “LAW” says do to others as you want them to do to you… so what Hamas wants is for Israel to kill them and cheer. Israel works hard to ensure no innocents are harmed, so Hamas uses human shields.
      Wouldn’t it be nice if Hamas, instead of working to violate the Koran and murder innocents — instead of demonstrating their Satanic adherence — worked to build their beautiful coastal nation into a place of splendor.
      Eventually Muslims will actually think about what they read and memorize — and followers of Hamas, ISIS and the rest will be dead.

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