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      That is because you fail to perceive what statism truly is at its root. If you did you would know New York Times has been a Statist institution for over a century now. Change fails to occur with this verity simply because a few are in denial. FoxNews has always admitted when they are broadcasting commentary and thus opinion versus news. Ignorance and blindness destroys your comparison. The New York Times’s irrelevance increases based upon how many subscriptions it hemorrhages instead of gains… So perhaps not. I am sad to see how far the New York Times has fallen in only a century, instead of schadenfreude. The best thing that could happen to the them is if the Koch brothers bought them out and returned them to what they were before the turn of the 19th Century. Anyone who automatically assumes I am referring to turning NYT into a FoxNews clone is part of the problem with todays politics as well as being wrong. True news is void of politics including being called a “centrist”. Whether someone chooses to become ‘offended’ by actual news is their responsibility versus the source. I pray for that, and for the Goddess to illuminates your path so that you eventually are able to see this.

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