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Are You A Doomed Action Movie Girlfriend?

An action movie is a dangerous place for love. Take the quiz and find out if you'll be wiped out so the hero can save the day!

wisecrackzodiac 8 years ago

Twelve Predictions That Will Not Come True in 2012

Prophecies of doom, zombies and heavy metal soundtracks: sounds like anything goes in 2012. So what *won't* happen with Mel Gibson, Glenn Beck and David Hasselhoff at the end of the world?

wisecrackzodiac 9 years ago

This Week's Snarky 'Scopes from Wisecrack Zodiac

Exploding burritos, wild garden gnomes, a zombie and a Magic Fingers bed: who knew your week would be so interesting?

wisecrackzodiac 9 years ago