Top Ten Holiday Movie Reactions To Scott Walker Asking For Your Kids’ Christmas Presents

In a fundraising email on Black Friday, Scott Walker’s campaign asked parents to forego gifts for kids and instead make a donation to Walker, saying “Instead of electronics or toys that will undoubtedly be outdated, broken, or lost by the next Holiday Season, help give your children the gift of a Wisconsin that we can all be proud of.”

1. Scott Walker wants you to give your kids the gift of a donation to his campaign for Christmas.

2. That’s an even worse present than these bunny pjs.

3. Seriously, Scott Walker is kicking kids off healthcare right now.

4. And he wants a reward?

5. Is he being such a Scrooge because the Koch Brothers dared him to?

6. Or because he really really wants Wisconsin taxpayers to pay more money to insure fewer people?

7. Probably not. We think Walker is trying to get money and attention for his presidential campaign (even though he says he’s not running).

8. It’s terrible how Scott Walker has harmed Wisconsin while he runs for president. We could be like Randy….

9. Or we can fight back.

10. We’re going to fight back. And we hope you’ll join our campaign. Because you’ll feel like this when we beat Scott Walker.

Join us today.

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