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    17 Reasons You Should Be Rooting For The Wisconsin Badgers In The Final Four

    The Wisconsin Badgers have their ticket to Texas! This is their first Final Four trip since 2000. The next two games will be sure to make you Jump Around.

    1. This is Coach Bo Ryan's first trip to the Final Four.


    Bo Ryan is the most underrated coach in college basketball. Coach Ryan is in is 13th season as Head Coach of the Wisconsin Badgers. He has been named Big Ten Coach of the Year 3 times. In his first 12 years of coaching at UW, Coach Ryan has the most wins in UW history with 291, 5 Big Ten titles, the 9 winningest seasons in UW history, and has made the NCAA tournament every year, with 5 trips to the Sweet 16 and 1 to the Elite Eight.

    2. Bucky Badger is the best mascot in college sports.

    3. This is how fans back in Madison celebrate.

    @jonkrause77 / Via Facebook: onmilwaukee

    Madison is one of the top party towns, and thousands of fans gathered on legendary State Street to celebrate the Badgers win to the Final Four without any major incidents. Imagine the party if the Badgers win the National Championship!

    4. And this is how they welcome home the team.


    Fans fill up the Kohl Center to welcome home the Badgers.

    5. They take the title student-athlete seriously.

    Karen Crouse and Stuart Palley / Via

    Throughout the tournament, the players have had their fun but dedicated a lot of their time to schoolwork. According to a New York Times article, every senior in the past two season have graduated, and this season will be no different.

    6. Clutch Josh Gasser


    As a freshman, Gasser was the first in UW history and the first Big Ten freshman to have a triple-double with 10 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists.

    7. In Brust We Trust

    View this video on YouTube


    With 228, Senior Ben Brust hold the school's record for most three-pointers in a career. He has a niche for hitting the 3 at unbelievable moments.

    8. Hayes for Days

    View this video on YouTube


    Nigel Hayes, also known as Nigel Burgundy, has has an impressive freshman year both on and off the court. At least if basketball doesn't work out, he has a career in sports reporting.

    9. The Double Dekker

    Jeff Potrykus / Via

    Sophomore Sam Dekker is just one of 4 true freshman to start under Coach Ryan. His name is all over NBA mock drafts. Dekker made a name for himself in high school during the state championship and has surpassed the expectations of Badger fans.

    10. Frank the Tank


    Junior Frank Kaminsky is a beast. He is lethal not only under the basket but also from downtown. Kaminsky set a new UW scoring record for a single game with 43 points on 11/19/13 against North Dakota. In the win over Arizona, Frank has 28 pts, including 3 3 pointers. Kaminsky was named the West Regional Most Outstanding Player.

    11. Aaron Rodgers loves the Badgers.

    Via Twitter: @BadgerMBB

    Do you really need an explanation? The words "Aaron Rodgers" weren't enough?

    12. Duje Dukan


    The Croatian born Junior,whose father is a Chicago Bulls executive, was a ball boy for the Bulls during the Michael Jordan years. When he was 6, he cried during the Championship celebration because Scottie Pippin spilled champagne on his shirt.

    13. Bronson Koenig


    As a freshman, Koenig has stepped in when needed. He has made some big plays and is only going to get better. Koenig is a proud member of the Ho-Chunk Nation and has shared his love of basketball by assisting in basketball clinics for the tribe.

    14. T-Jacks

    Jeff Potrykus / Via

    Junior Traevon Jackson, son of former Ohio State and NBA All-Star Jim Jackson, isn't afraid to take be risky. Although not all of the risks have been successful, when they are, they are huge. He is aggressive on both offense and defense. Love him or hate him, he has been a key player in this tournament.

    15. Bo Ryan's dad will be watching over them.


    Bo Ryan went to the Final four to watch every year with his dad, Butch. Butch died just before this season started, and the Badgers won to get to the Final Four on what would have been his 90th birthday.

    16. There is no doubt in the love this team has.


    They understand they all need each other to win. There is not just 1 star, there are many. They respect each other and coaches. No matter what happens during the Final Four, Badger fans everywhere will be so proud of the success and accomplishments of this team. This season is one for the history books.

    17. But let's all be honest about the #1 reason.

    Steve Schultze / Via

    Wisconsin has a good looking team. Damn.

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