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    17 Reasons You Should Be Rooting For The Wisconsin Badgers In The Final Four

    The Wisconsin Badgers have their ticket to Texas! This is their first Final Four trip since 2000. The next two games will be sure to make you Jump Around.

    1. This is Coach Bo Ryan's first trip to the Final Four.

    2. Bucky Badger is the best mascot in college sports.

    3. This is how fans back in Madison celebrate.

    4. And this is how they welcome home the team.

    5. They take the title student-athlete seriously.

    6. Clutch Josh Gasser

    7. In Brust We Trust

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    With 228, Senior Ben Brust hold the school's record for most three-pointers in a career. He has a niche for hitting the 3 at unbelievable moments.

    8. Hayes for Days

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    Nigel Hayes, also known as Nigel Burgundy, has has an impressive freshman year both on and off the court. At least if basketball doesn't work out, he has a career in sports reporting.

    9. The Double Dekker

    10. Frank the Tank

    11. Aaron Rodgers loves the Badgers.

    12. Duje Dukan

    13. Bronson Koenig

    14. T-Jacks

    15. Bo Ryan's dad will be watching over them.

    16. There is no doubt in the love this team has.

    17. But let's all be honest about the #1 reason.