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10 Internet Easter Eggs That Are Completely Awesome

We all love the Internet. So can you imagine what would happen if America’s wireless Internet network suddenly became slow and unaffordable? Check out some nifty Easter eggs to remind you of the Internet’s awesomeness, and take a stand by urging Congress to keep America’s wireless Internet network competitive!

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The Problem:

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Our economy, along with our cell phones, tablets, and other wireless devices are in jeopardy.

If you want the United States to have better broadband wireless Internet access, take action now!

Tell Congress that broadband penetration and spectrum scarcity are serious issues that must be addressed today.

How you can help take a stand:

2. Glittery Unicorn Attack On ESPN

Back in 2009, one mischievous developer decided that ESPN needed more unicorns. So he decided to fix the site so that users who performed the Konami code would be rewarded with a glittery unicorn invasion.

3. Mini Cooper in Reverse

On the Mini USA Web site, simply type "reverse" into the search bar in the upper right corner. When the gear shift appears in the lower left, click on it and watch what happens...

9. Newsweek's Zombie Invasion

Inspired by ESPN's unicorn attack, Newsweek also had a Konami code easter egg of their own. On June 14th 2010, users who performed the code would find all of the front page Newsweek articles replaced with articles about Zombies.